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Whisky Galore An article on the background to the film Whisky Galore.
Seven's on Harris July 2005 saw a collection of 25 Seven's cruising about the island of Harris together with classic cars of all description. Read more...
Peat cutting Peat is a fuel used in the Hebrides for many centuries.
Gaelic Songs A list of Gaelic songs - some with translations.
Bird Life in the Hebrides  Details on the varied bird life in the Outer Hebrides / Western Isles.
Placenames of Skye
A large list of Gaelic Placenames of Skye with their interpretations / meanings in english. (Mainly mountains etc.)
Place-names of Skye and their Interpretations A large list of Place-names of Skye with their Gaelic, Norse and English interpretations/meanings. (Mainly towns etc.)
Virtual Hebrides Archive

Virtual HebridesSome old articles that appeared on the old Virtual Hebrides that is long since gone! (Very large collection of articles)
[as produced by Eolas many moons ago]

Ness in Lewis will be the venue of a 3-day international conference on 'Traditions of sea-bird fowling in the North Atlantic region' from Thursday 9 th -Saturday 11 th September.
Kenwood Universal Cartridges For Kenwood(tm) Jug (6 pk)Woolworth's customers looking for replacement cartridges for their Kenwwod water filters can purchase them here - Woolies has stopped stocking them having sold a shed load of the water filters!!!
Water Quality In The Outer Hebrides / Western Isles The water quality in the Outer Hebrides / Western Isles has changed over recent years. Many would say for the worse. Alarming facts are included in this article.
Castaway 2000
Castaway 2000 was a series of television programmes shown on the BBC in the year 2000. It was an experiment which left a group of 30 people "stranded" on the Isle of Taransay. The series griped the nation and produced a couple of stars - remember Ray Bowyer?
News Archive
A large list of old news stories submitted by a visitor to The Virtual Hebrides. Some are very interesting. Take a look and see what you can find. If you have an interesting news article why not email it to us.
Eillean Glas Lighthouse Couple Jailed Finally, the Ford-Sagers are paying the price for conning nice, kin-hearted people but what happens to this ancient lighthouse now?