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Scarista Beach

Scarista BeachScarista: The view from the beach at Scarista is truly amazing. Situated in South Harris, Scarista not too far from the town of Leverburgh, you will find Scarista a wonderfull area to spend a day out. In the photograph to the left (click to enlarge) you can see Toehead to the left with the hills of North Harris to the right.
Standing on Scarista beach as you turn to the right you can see more of the Hills of Harris and the Isle of Taransay where the BBC filmed their series "Castaway". In the photo to the right you can see how clear the waters are. The waters around the Hebrides are possibly the cleanest in the UK.

As you can see from this image, the beach at Scarista is vast, providing an excellent area for all kinds of sports including kite buggying, windsurfing and perfect for a simple jog.

For the less athletic amongst us, a pleasant walk can be had where you may stumble upon some of the sealife. At certain times of the year large groups of various jellyfish can be seen in the seas and many get washed ashore by the tide. Pictured to the right is a lovely looking jellyfish that had been freshly washed ashore (click to enlarge).