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The Hebridean culture is both unique and diverse, having numerous influences, the most influencial being that of the Gaelic, Celtic and Norse races. The islands of the Hebrides have been inhabited for an extraordinary long period of time, dating back to the Mesolithic period.

The language of the Hebrides is mixed between English and Gaelic. While most people use English most frequently it is often the case that Gaelic is their first language. In fact the Hebrides is where you will find the biggest concentration of Scottish Gaelic speakers in Scotland. This is most evident in the Outer Hebrides (the Isles of Lewis, Harris, North & South Uist etc.).

The culture of the Hebrides has, obviously, changed over time. While there would have been a heavy Norse influence during the 9th Century when the Norwegians ruled the Hebrides. Even though they did not become part of Scotland until the Treaty of Perth in 1266 the Norse influence is mostly evident today in the names of certain places (usually places seen from the sea).

Today's Hebridean culture is rich in the arts with a number of fine artists, musicians and writers living and working in the Hebrides. Below are links to other pages on our site relating to the culture of the Hebrides.

Hebrides Articles
A selection of articles on a variety of topics including articles about Gaelic Songs, names of mountains, names of towns, Whisky Galore, bird life, Castaway 2000 plus an archive of old Virtual Hebrides articles, information about peat cutting and more.

Hebrides Fishing
A look at fishing in the Hebrides. If you are interested in fishing you may also wish to read about fishing in Scotland on Virtual Scotland.

Hebrides Gallery
A selection of artworks relating to the Hebrides by various artists including many photographs,including photo's of a Blackhouse, Hebridean sunsets, Eriskay, the Cuillins of Skye, photo's by Jörg Müller plus Hebridean art by Ruth O'Dell, David J. Greenall, James Smith, Simon Rivett and more.

Hebridean History
A look at the history of the Hebrides of Scotland from the prehistory of the Hebrides up to the present day.Featuring such things as old maps and articles about such things and places as the standing stones at Calanais, Dun Carloway Broch, the Isle of Lewis Chess Set , the Shiant Isles, the Isle of Mull and more.

Music Of The Hebrides