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Virtual Hebrides: Guide To The Scottish Islands Known As The Hebrides

Hebrides croft houseThe Virtual Hebrides is your guide to the islands of the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides (also known as the Western Isles) of Scotland. This site is one of the longest established web sites dedicated to this wonderful and unique area of Scotland and it has been around in it's various forms from almost the beginning of the Internet. The site is incredibly large and in it's most recent update we have tried to simplify the navigation. Unfortunately this is an ongoing process and it will take some time to bring the site right up to date. We have deleted many pages which had little content so if you can not find the exact page you are looking for we apologise but you are likely to find the same content on another, larger, page so look around and explore.

The Hebrides are a group of islands off the west coast of Scotland and are sub-divided into two groups, the Inner Hebrides, which include the Isle of Skye and a few other islands of note, and the Outer Hebrides (which are also known as the Western ISles), which include the Isle of Lewis, Isle of Harris, North & South Uist and many more.

The Broch at CarlowayWith an abundance of glorious landscapes, fantastic beaches, important historical sites, plus much, much more to interest the visitor it is little wonder that the Hebrides are quickly becoming a popular vacation destination with holidays in the Outer hebrides becoming far more common than in the past. For this reason we have started to shift our emphasis over to provision of information that will be useful to those visiting the Hebrides rather than those just interested in them (as they are highly interesting and sometimes amusing).

The Hebrides Isles have some of the finest examples of ancient historical sites in the country. The Hebrides were first mentioned by the Ancient Greeks c. 55 B.C. For further details visit our Hebrides History Section. If you are visiting the area for a holiday you will find that a number of these sites can be visited in one day, such as the broch at Carloway and the Callanish Standing Stones, which are now known as Calanais Standing Stones due to the local Council's policy to name all places in the Gaelic language. Gaelic is spoken widely throughout the Hebrides but, you will be glad to hear, nearly everyone is perfectly fluent in English and other languages.

We have a number of accommodation categories on this site already but it is now administered by Enjoy Hebrides rather than ourselves. We have listings for Lewis bed & breakfast, Lewis hotels, Stornoway hotel accommodation, Harris self catering, Harris bed & breakfast Harris Hotel, Stornoway bed & breakfast and South Uist self catering accommodation and many more in our accommodation [recent additions include North Uist hotels, South Uist hotels, Arran hotels and bed & breakfast]. If you are planning a vacation in the Hebrides and elsewhere in Scotland you will find links to other Scottish accommodation sites in the navigation to the left (more sites in our comprehensive links section). If you wish to see your accommodation listed on the Virtual Hebrides please visit Enjoy Hebrides as they now handle these pages for us.

We hope that you find the Virtual Hebrides a valuable resource but we would sincerely wish that this site encourages you to visit the Hebrides some time soon. The Hebrides provide the resources for many diverse sports. With it's many fresh water and sea lochs the angler will be spoilt for choice in this unspoilt environment. There are various sporting events throughout the year. Surfing, climbing and diving are some of the most popular sports but for those in search of a more leisurely pastime there is much to see and do.

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