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Mull - The Isle of

MullMull (probably 'bare hill' From Gaelic maol) lies off the coast of Argyll, south of Ardnamurchan and Morvern seven miles West of Oban. One of the largest islands of the Hebrides, only Lewis and Skye being larger, yet its population is less than 3000. Mull is 30 miles long at its greatest point, and twenty miles at its widest. The Isle of Mull has a land area of 353 square miles and over 300 miles of wonderfull coastline. Mull, like all of the hebridean isles, is very picturesque and much visited for its scenery (hills, waterfalls, sea caves, forest walks and beaches) and although very windswept is more green than some of the other islands. (Click Map to enlarge).

The island is dominated by the mountain of Ben More, whose scree slopes are the remnants of a volcano which exploded 60 million years ago. Ben More rises to 3169 feet and has several other peaks over 2000 feet. Near Ardmeanach at Burg is MacCulloch's Tree, a remarkable fossil tree impression found in 1819, 40 feet high and five feet wide. There are fine sandy beaches to the south of the island, such as Ardalanish, Scoor and Uisken, as well as at Calgary to the west of Mull - more on next page.

Isle of Mull Hotel - Best place to stay while on Mull

You can read a little history of the island in our History Section - The Isle of Mull


BookThe Isle of Mull - by Alastair de Watteville
This book, the second in an island tribute series, extols the attractions of the isle of mull. It was the first book about Mull to have been published since 1972, and was the first ever with colour illustrations.

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