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Below is a selection of Irish modern folk artists, sorted alphabetically.

Afrocelts (formerly Afro Celt Sound System)

Afro Celt Sound System - SeedAfrocelts / Afro Celt Sound System: The Afro Celt Sound System are widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative and pioneering groups to emerge from the increasingly eclectic cross-cultural experimentations at the cutting edge of "world music"in the 1990s.

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AltanAltan: Altan are the finest exponents of the Donegal tradition. Their two-fiddle sound - complimented by box, guitar and bouzouki - is familiar to trad fans around the world. Mairead's songs are also from the Donegal tradition; her vocals provide the perfect balance to the up-tempo tunes.

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coverChieftains 9: Boil the Breakfast Early The ever popular Chieftans continue to produce some excellent music.

Rock & Pop Modern Folk Trad. Folk Pipes / Fiddle Solo & Misc